Friday, November 7, 2008

Oil is to Acrylic as Snowboarding is to Skiing

I have been painting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So far everything I've done I'm chalking up to a learning experience. It's so hard to stay motivated when you feel like you suck. I finished the painting of the river bend and totally messed it up when I applied the color. I did learn a lot. ( I'm guessing you can't use stand oil and Liquin in the same painting. Is that true?) I tried doing the river bend painting again this time without the underpainting. I ended up scraping most of it down and turning it into a bad abstract. Next I tried painting en plein air. My drawing was off, but I went with it. I did learn something about transparent and opaque paint in that one. I guess I'm also learning that I have to try all these things and see for myself what does and doesn't work to believe it. Along the way, I was thinking that painting in oil is a lot like snowboarding. Why bother snowboarding when I already know how to ski?