Thursday, February 10, 2011


Work in progress
Oil on Canvas

I just realized I never posted the finished painting in oil. So here it is...
I really have to take some better photos of my work. The background looks a mess in this. Maybe after it's varnished.


Caroline said...

Lovely painting Pamela, I especially like the vase you have captured the colours in the pottery so well.

Pamela Robinson said...

Thank you Caroline. I was going for an organic feel in the vase, representative of somewhere an orchid might actually grow.

sherryscarvings said...

Hi Pamela, this is just stunning. I know my daughter would truely love it.
I would like to envite you to come and follow my blog to.
Have a wonderful weekend!


sherryscarvings said...

Your painting is very beautiful! I love the reflection and the color.
The orchid looks so real.

Painting Tips and Tricks said...

There isn't any new post. I like your painting! Great work on the vase!...Daniel